Board of Directors

Assoc. Prof. Muharrem SARGIN

Civil Engineer, BC, DIC, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Muharrem Sargın, Ph.D., Director of the Board of SARGIN CONSTRUCTION INC., was born in Şereflikochisar, Ankara in 1936. Upon getting graduated with the highest grades, from Işıklar Military High School, he started his university education at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Istanbul Technical University and completed his studies there in 1959. After graduating from the university and having completed military service, for three years he  worked as a chief-site engineer in construction companies.

He had taken and passed state scholarship examination, which was opened for carrying postgraduate studies leading to Ph.D. degree, in a western country. Then he had started his postgraduate study on concrete technologies at the Imperial College, London, Great Britain, and after completion his studies he got DIC diploma in 1964. His application to carry out his research work further in Canada, was accepted and NRC fellowship plus research assistantship had been offered to Mr. Sargın by The University of Waterloo, Ont., Canada. After completion of all requirements, he acquired his Ph.D. degree and he was asked to stay at the same University to continue his research work which to him was deemed to be very promising or to join academic staff and post doctoral fellowship was conferred to him. After working as a post doctoral fellow for nearly two years he returned to Turkey in the end of 1969, to fulfill his civil service obligation. He was appointed to the position of the Head of Research and Testing Laboratories Department at the Ministry of Construction and Housing.

In 1972, he received TÜBİTAK’s (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) prestigious Science Promotion Award. Meantime, Dr. Muharrem Sargın, alongside his official duties, had lectured at civil engineering classes at the universities and engineering schools in Ankara, starting from 1970, for more than 20 years.

Dr. Muharrem Sargın, resigning from his official duty at the Ministry in 1975, first started working as the general manager of a private company and then started his own business with an engineering firm in 1977. While running his own construction company which was active in different civil engineering projects, Dr. Sargın’s interest in academic field continued and he published various technical papers, attended conferences as lecturer or guest. He earned the title of Associate Professorship in 1984.

Assoc. Prof. Muharrem Sargın, Ph.D., is the founder and Head of the Board of Directors of SARGIN CONSTRUCTION INC., since 1990, as Sargın Engineering was transformed to a stock company under the title of SARGIN CONSTRUCTION INC.


Hüseyin Sait SARGIN

Civil Engineer M.Sc.

Mr. Hüseyin Sait Sargın (Civ.Eng., M.Sc.), General Manager of SARGIN CONSTRUCTION INC., was born in1967 in Kitchener, Toronto, Canada. Mr. Sargın upon graduating in 1984 from Ankara College of Turkish Education Association started university education at the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Middle East Technical University, same year. Receiving his degree of B.Sc. in 1989 Mr. Sargın continued his studies at the same department to take degree of M.Sc. in Civil Engineering, a degree which he received in 1996.

Mr. Hüseyin Sait Sargın, who started to work for Sargın Engineering in 1987 before taking his B.Sc. in civil engineering, worked consecutively as; Site Engineer at Özkaşıkçı Flour Mill Construction during 1989-1991, Deputy Site Chief Engineer at the Middle East Technical University Department of Petroleum Engineering Construction Project during 1991-1993, Site Chief Engineer at Şafaktepe Trade Center Construction during 1993-1996, Project Manager at Bursa Çınarcık Dam Diversion Tunnel Construction during 1996-1998, Project Manager at Kayseri Yamula Dam – Diversion Tunnels and Access Roads Construction during 1998-1999, Project Coordinator Perşembe Bolaman Road – Nefise Akçelik Tunnel during 1999-2004, Project Coordinator at Saudi Arabia King Khalid Bridge Road Tunnels Construction during 2004-2006, Project Coordinator at Albania Rrheshen Kalimash Road Tunnel Construction during 2007-2009.

Becoming a shareholder first and then a member of the Board of Directors in the newly incorporated SARGIN CONSTRUCTION INC. in 1990 Mr. Hüseyin Sait Sargın currently holds the positions of General Manager and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors. In addition at various companies of the SARGIN GROUP Mr. Sargın assumes memberships of Board as well as holding the post of general manager.


List of Key Technical Staff

Assoc. Prof. Muharrem SARGIN
Civ. Eng., BC, DIC, Ph.D.
Founder, President

Hüseyin Sait SARGIN
Civ. Eng., M.Sc.
Founder, Vice President, General Manager

Geo. Eng.
Regional Manager – the Marmara

Ayhan Özkan BALCI
Geo. Eng.
Regional Manager – the Black Sea

Namık Kemal YILMAZ
Mech. Eng.
Mechanical Manager

Min. Eng.
Projects Coordinator

International Relations
Business Development Specialist

Bülent HAVA
Manager of Logistics & Stock

Manager of Administrative and Financial Activities