Kazakhstan / Cement Concrete Paving Motorway

Cement Concrete Paving / Bituminous Pavement / Bridge / Overpass / Underpass

Date: 2013-2015
Project: Khorgos-Almaty-Shymket-Border of Uzbekistan, Shymkent-Border of Zhambly, KM 592-632, Cement Concrete Paving Motorway,  Bituminous Paving Intersection and Access Roads, Bridges, Underpasses, Overpasses Construction Project, Shymkent – Kazakistan
Description: Cement Concrete Paving,  Bituminous Paving, Bridges, Underpasses, Overpasses Works
Road Features: 39 km Cement Concrete Paving / 3 Bridge / 6 Overpass / Underpass / 2 Intersection / Carriying Over Gas Pipe Line and Power Line
Employer: Chairman of The Committee for Roads, Ministry of Transportation and Communications of The Republic of Kazakhstan